I was listening to CBC the other day and heard a story about New York State banning the use of Microbeads in body products. I found it hard to believe that any company remotely tuned into sustainability would add little bits of plastic to personal products. These little beads appear in toothpaste, cleaning products and personal skin products.

Here is the Wikipedia information on Microbeads

Plastic microbeads found in exfoliating personal care products are polluting United States Great Lakes. Recent research published in peer-reviewed journal The Marine Pollution Bulletin found high concentrations of plastics in U.S. lakes, particularly Lake Erie, with microbeads accounting for 90 percent of these plastics. Microbeads are designed to be small enough to wash down the drain, but they are obviously not being caught by sewage treatment and are instead flowing into waterways. Natural products such as ground nuts and fruit pits can exfoliate without harming the environment.

There is an app for that!!! The excellent website noted below will allow you to download an app that scans the bar code of a product to see if there are any microbeads present.

Just to play it safe; always buy local and really know your local producer!!!

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