5 Surprising Uses for Soap

Here at Orchard Valley Soap and Essential Oils, we think a lot about the uses for our products. In our experimentation, we have found 5 creative uses for our soap!



  • Scrape your fingernails across a bar of soap before you begin gardening, your clean up will be easy.
  • Plant a bar of soap or soap slivers anywhere you wish to repel bugs.


  • Rub a wet bar of soap along dirty windowsills to pick up the debris and dirt often found in the difficult to get at surfaces.


  • Lubricate sewing needles and pins by using soap.
  • Cover a bar of soap with fabric for an excellent pincushion.
  • Rusty or stubborn zippers will often un-stick after you rub them with a bar of soap.


  • Place soap bars anywhere you want to freshen up a space. For instance: cars, RV’s, luggage, drawers, linens, under the kitchen sink, closets and crawl spaces.

Home Repairs

  • Screws, nails and saw blades will all be easier to work with after rubbing with a bar of soap to lubricate.

What creative uses do you have for soap?