Hello Baby! Aromatherapy for Your Wee One.

image via creative commons: http://twitter.com/erfmufn

image via creative commons: http://twitter.com/erfmufn

Long before the big “birth day”, a baby’s olfactory nerves are formed and receptors in their brain they are able to interpret different smells! At approximately 13 weeks of a pregnancy, babies can actually smell a number of things.

At birth, a baby’s their sense of smell is the most well developed of all their senses. A baby needs to be able to smell the important people who are there to offer them food, love and comfort. Babies are often only comforted when being held by their mothers. This is in part due to the wee ones’ well developed sense of smell.

Introducing smells when playing with your baby will stimulate their interest and engage the baby more deeply by adding an olfactory level to play.

Guidelines for using Aromatherapy with Babies:

  • Babies less than three months old should only use essential oils under the guidance of a qualified aromatherapist. To introduce aromatherapy to babies try placing 2 drops of essential oil on a cloth and keeping it nearby when the baby is being fed. This will cause an association to form between the smell and the comfort they feel at feeding time.  Our sense of smell can at times seems less important than our other senses. However, to a baby, how something smells is more important than sense of taste in choosing foods.
  • Do not apply essential oils directly on a baby’s skin; always dilute the oils with a carrier oil.Only very mild oils should be used on young children (Primarily Lavender and Chamomile)
  • Massage is a great way of communicating with your baby. Use about 5 drops of Essential Oil to one ounce of carrier oil.


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