What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are liquids extracted from certain botanicals which are known to possess therapeutic properties.  Oils are distilled from therapeutic herbs, bark, leaves, roots, wood, flowers and fruit and distilled quickly after they have been collected.

Essential oils are highly effective for many ailments including: headaches, migraines, muscle pain,  joint pain, fatigue, PMS, stress, menopause, cold, flu, allergies and more.

They are extremely concentrated extracts and have to be handled carefully. The distillation process for essential oils is similar to whisky or other alcohols, the natural product is passed through a still and vaporizes into an oil that cools into a liquid.

Essential oils should be stored in a cool dark place in a dark-coloured bottle, and can often last 5-6 years stored this way.

Many essential oils are the active ingredient in drugs, and in food and drink, essential oils give us a natural flavour and aroma and can also act as a preservative.

Always check the grade of the essential oils you purchase. There is a cosmetic grade and an an aromatherapy grade oil product and the difference is that the oils manufactured for fragrance and flavoring are not suitable for healing purposes as the distillation methods are vastly inferior and not much attention was given to key notes, constituents, and chemical makeup during the distillation process.

All Orchard Valley Essential Oils are 100% pure aromatherapy grade oils with no carrier oils.

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