Your Sense of Smell

Sniff, sniff, sniff. 

That is first thing that people do when they see a bottle of Orchard Valley Essential Oils or a bar of our soap. If you come to Kelowna’s Farmers Market, you will see a half a dozen or more people huddled around our booth, sniffing away to their heart’s delight.

Smell is the sense that is your most highly personal. The same scent will evoke very different reactions for you than for a friend. You can smell to relax, smell to uplift, smell to warm up, smell to cool down, smell to cure headaches, smell yourself right to another place and time.

image use via creative commons

The smell of fresh clover always takes me back to my childhood and open fields in Alberta.

Smell is considered to be the most primitive of our five senses, it is the sense that is linked to:

  • Well Being
  • Taste
  • Danger
  • Memory
  • Potential Partners
  • Navigation

Keep an eye out for our upcoming e-store and view the 41 essential oils that we sell for you to smell.  Our quality 100% Aromatherapy Essential Oils are reasonably priced and will keep you sniffing for years to come!

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